A new way to view and scan cities

What's viewscan360?

It’s time to view data on a whole new dimension

Viewscan allows users to move through a virtual environment of streets and avenues made by processed 360° spherical images from different cities surroundings.

Integration with GIS

Viewscan provides integration with GIS servers and transactional systems in order to visualize information and description to each assets and point of interest from our system. Native support for Geoserver and ArcGIS databases.

Measuring tool

Work with our friendly user interface that allows you to measure length, areas and perimeters of any assets on a virtual environment.

Capture assets
Ease of use and automation

Virtually capture assets by selecting and geo-referencing any element on the environment and fetching any information related to it like identification, owner, license, etc.

Tracked history
Large distributed databases

More than 8000 kilometers of 360° pictures and more than 100K scanned items.

ViewScan has worked in the capitals of the largest countries in Latin America

Capture. Analyze. Measure.

Recent Awards

Viewscan 360 in Action

  • High Quality pictures

    Map and street navigation

  • Advanced Tools

    Measure and persist objects

  • Educamp School

    Branding and Identity

  • High Quality pictures

    Map and street navigation

  • Specialized both in Aerial and street level images

    Heat maps

  • Advanced tools

    Compare side by side the evolution of cities over the years

  • Robust and fast on LARGE data volumes

    Arcgis and Geoserver support